What You'll Get as an Affiliate Partner

Earn Unlimited Commissions with Strenfield Capital Affiliate Program.Our partner program can increase your income by receiving percentage from the purchases made by your referrals into.


Strenfield Capital

  • The zonal representative position is a plan for any investor who wants to represent the company in their country as an agent.
  • The company cannot have two zonal representatives in same location.
  • A zonal representative must have an active deposit of $10,000 and above.
  • A zonal representative gets 5% per week profits on the invested capital.
  • A zonal representative’s deposit will be used for a special trade which would last for a full 31 days.
  • A zonal representative must have a target downline of 20 active referrals.
  • A zonal representative has full access to engage in company promos
  • For the zonal representative, the company will provide funds for the following:
    • Office space
    • Awareness media (Pdfs, Prints, Flyers, etc)
  • (Optional) After the full 31 days, a zonal representative shall be invited to the United State for a full three-weeks training on how to project and manage the affairs of the company in their respective zones.
  • Also the zonal representative shall also be entitled to a $700 training allowance for the three weeks training here in the United States.


  • $10,000 Active Deposit and above.
  • >20 Active Referrals as Downlines
  • Minimum deposit of $1,000 for each referral
  • Referral Team Management


  • 5% per week profit from active deposit
  • 5% Referral Commission
  • $1,000 Monthly Salary
  • Business and Skills Promotion
  • Three Weeks All expense paid trip to the United State for training purposes.
  • $700 Training allowance
  • 100% Eligibility for Company Promo.
  • Offical Office Apartment
  • Official Car

If you accept the above requirements, kindly open an investment in the regional representative plan and for more information on this offer kindly send an email to info@strenfieldcapital.com